Trade Shows


Want to stand out at your next Trade Show? 

Using illustration and drawing is a much more personable approach than photographs and especially realms of small print.

Illustration has helped aid this Cyber Security company communicate more effectively to their SME customers.

Sketch Notes


With a big or small workshop the key may be to document the event on a more low key level. 

By illustrating in a sketch book, this enables the illustrator to work amongst smaller groups capturing more details.

The drawings captured can then be used as marketing material from your event or workshop- nice idea eh!

Rich Picture


From the drawings captured at events, a rich picture can be created to summarise the entire event- a much more comprehensive and concise way of showing everything covered and discussed whilst also being interesting and exciting!

Not only will this excite within your company but also interest your customers as a new exciting way to communicate.



Have a story that you'd like capturing visually? Then an illustrated timeline is for you! 

Whether you have space for a poster or an entire wall to be filled, this service can adorn your wall.

It's a wonderful way to tell your story to reminisce and a talking point for customers who visit your office space. 

Live Scribing


Documenting a workshop in real time as it happens is an exciting and effective way to document everything that's discussed.

Using large areas to draw on an entire day can be captured without the need for realms of type that is less than appealing to look over again!

This is also a beautiful way to see your ideas appear in front of you.



Hand drawn Infographics such as these can help capture complex and technical messages in an intriguing and cohesive way. Being able to visually see information laid out on one page can help describe your information in a new, fresh way.