Documenting Voodoochilli's brilliant SEO workshop over Zoom. 

By screen sharing, the participants of the webinar were able to see the drawing happen in real-time. This was incredibly valuable in engaging the audience, emphasising key points, and sharing as a visual summary after the event.

The audience loved this aspect of the event, and shared how valuable they found receiving the visual summary after the event. 


The Creative Step

Over a zoom webinar, these sketch notes were created as a visual summary. The participants were emailed this as a digital visual reminder of the discussion they were a part of. 


Amey PLC

Live Scribe of Amey Roadworks 'Working together Initiative' around change. 


Retro Shack

A group of ten, 15 year old boys from Wrekin College won an investment from the Local Authority to open up a shop on the high street. They contracted me to design and hand illustrate a bespoke piece onto the wall, to visually communicate their story. 


West Yorkshire NHS Social Health and Care

I had the honour of Graphic Recording the BAME network Forum for Health Care Professionals from across Yorkshire.

The group came together to discuss important and current practices in the NHS around race, diversity, discrimination and how to be an ally. 


Wolverhampton City Council

The #YES team spent a day talking through their strategy, discussing ideas and areas to include. As points became more definitive, I was able to Graphic Record the session to create a visual version. The hand drawing was digitised and is now used on banners and printed material to help communicate the plan for the future by engaging children, parents and employees.



Graphic Recording of the DPD Region 4’s CEO Review day- an incredibly important day for all depots within the region. The day was filled with technical and extensive information that lent itself well to being visualised.

I captured each presentation to ensure the valuable information shared was documented and could be discussed post-event.


Talk Out

This Rich Picture was commissioned by Talk Out to summarise key elements of their Mental Health training. Attendees take this print home from the event as a reminder of key workshop aspects. As a single image, it can be displayed in the workplace and therefore more easily revisited than a heavy workbook or multiple print outs. From this, participants are more likely to successfully remember and effectively use the lessons they have learnt.


Wolverhampton City Council

Live hand drawn illustration of Wolverhampton's Equality and Diversity Employee Forum.


West Midlands Teaching Partnership

Live graphic recording at an event to create a physical piece as well as a rich picture created from notes of a second event. 

The two visuals were combined to create this digital piece, able to help aid the communication of ideas discussed.


Arts Council England

Live Graphic Recording of a day workshop with children, facilitated by The Arts Council to understand where funding would be valued most. 

Digitised to be able to send back to attendees.


Microsoft at SOCITM West Midlands

Turning Sketch Notes of the fantastic talk into a digital to help visually aid the complex and technical messages being discussed.



A business timeline to be able to visually understand the path taken by the business, how it has grown and where it may lead.

This helps original staff members and new recruits value the history of the company to collectively work together for its future.


Finalist of Next Generation Awards

2019 saw me present Scribble Inc as a finalist for the Next Generation, Young Entrepreneurs Award.

Here is my own visualisation of my journey and what I aim to achieve with Scribble Inc Ltd.


'The Creative Step'

The Creative Step was a three- day workshop helping entrepreneurs explore their business purpose and how they can most effectively reach their goals.

I created sketch notes from each day that I digitised to be used on the next workshop as part of the presentation slides and hand outs.


Walsall Council

Graphic Recording Children's and Adult's Social Care employee forum at Walsall Council, using jigsaws to help convey the idea of 'right pieces (ideas) used  in the wrong places'

These physical jigsaw pieces are used as stickers within the sector to create a cohesive visual. 


The Un-Wedding

A fantastic show for all partners looking to celebrate their wedding in a less traditional way, more suited to their style. I graphic recorded the event, documenting all of the beautiful businesses there and created small personalised W's (for Wedding) to hand out to attendees.


Dawley Council

Hand drawn 'map' of Dawley landmarks to celebrate the town's 30 year Anniversary. 


Data Life Cycle visual

Trying to describe and explain a complex idea can be difficult without resources. Here I have aided a Cyber Security company's  communication of their data life cycle using a rich picture. 


Microsoft at SOCITM

Sketch notes of Microsoft's fantastic AI talk turned into a digital rich picture to send back to attendees of the event.


Social Media Workshop

Graphic Recording of Hollie Whittles' brilliant social media workshop, documenting the great tips and ideas that attendees could photograph and share post-event.


Telford and Wrekin Council

Graphic Recording Telford and Wrekin's Children's and Adult's social care employee forum to capture the ideas and discussions that attendees were emailed after. A fantastic method to remind attendees of their value to workshops and how their input is heard.



Illustrations of a method Qopter 360 uses to help explain the services available


Culture visual

Naimuri's culture, documented from a focus group session


Marches Growth Hub

Digital sketch notes from a fantastic event with multiple speakers and panel discussion. 

Sketch notes are a great way to capture busy events in a simple way to send to attendees and those who are interested who could not make it.

Sent out in email format and postcards, valuing the information shared and discussions had from a great day.