Scribble Inc Ltd is a Graphic Recording business founded by illustrator Hannah Williams. Graphic Recording (also known as Live Scribing) is large-scale real-time drawing, which translates discussions and information into words and pictures. This service captures ideas in a more creative and engaging way for attendees at all kinds of events. 

The visual nature allows for themes to be more visible and a digitised version can be shared as social media content to give longer reach to the event, making it more exciting to process and review than written notes alone.

The drawing can be displayed later as a reminder of achievements, goals and actions from the day’s discussions.

Live drawing can aid your  

forums, focus groups, conferences, team building exercises, keynote speeches, reviews and many more.

Find a new, refreshing way to bring your story to life!



Scribble Inc. aims to aid communication through illustration for your company, idea and customers.

Pictures are powerful and can tell stories, share ideas and engage audiences.

This is an exciting and fresh approach to alternative methods of communication.  

Sound interesting?


Recent Work

Communication can be visualised in so many different ways.

Every project is personalised to you, using the methods most suited to your needs. 

This may be through Live Scribing at meetings and events, Sketch Notes,  creating Rich Pictures and designing marketing material to show off your work in a  fresh way. 


Who is this suited to?

Anyone and everyone who wants to communicate more effectively with their employees, customers and workshop attendees. 

Creative communication also aids within companies, creating a more cohesive company image so everyone is on board.

Creativity is exciting and intriguing, let the power of pictures transform your business, ideas and culture!

Sectors I have worked in include  NHS England and Wales, Logistics, Local Authorities, Legal establishments, Cyber Security companies, Infrastructure, International Marketing, Third Sector charities, International Sport, Further Education, Research and Development .

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Scribble Inc Ltd.


2019 Next Generation Awards Finalist

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