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The story of Scribble

Illustrative note taking is my way of learning

Illustrative note taking has been my way of learning, revising, and effectively communicating throughout my life.

I’m an illustrator by degree, achieving first class honours from Manchester School of Art, and passionate about connecting people through visual communication.

To listen, synthesise and draw information

My skill of being able to draw information quickly grew whilst studying. Tutors recognised this and began sharing digitised versions of my notes.

This meant other students had the opportunity to catch up, not with dull written notes but with a visual snapshot of the entire session!

Years of experience & recognition

I realised how powerful visuals can be in so many different sectors, which inspired the incorporation of Scribble Inc in 2018 – four months after graduating!

Based in the beautiful countryside of Shropshire, each day I get to help global teams and Organisations visualise their important messages, articulate problems, communicate shared understanding, and formulate solutions.