Is Live Scribing right for me?

If you have an event, workshop, meeting, celebration (the list is truly endless) that includes high density information, then absolutely yes. This is something you should be considering to help enhance your event!

Graphic Recording works for groups of any size. Considering group size means I am able to offer a variety of services to tailor to your event.

-Large Live Scribing on a board. Great for larger workshops with lots of discussions and speakers with a large audience. 

-Sketch Notes are drawings that capture information within a sketchbook usually in meetings and smaller events, afterwards producing a rich picture you are able to use in all ways imaginable. 

-Hand drawn Infographics aid complex or technical messages that requires a visual aid to help explain to your customers and audience. Perhaps within your business. I am able to create an Illustration from a conversation and/or document .

All of these services are able to capture a vision, collaborations, different view points and decision making. 

How do you know what to draw?

This is my personal way of organising thoughts and making visual sense of what I hear.

It takes great skill to listen and draw simultaneously, but as with everything, with great practice comes great results!

How does it help memory?

Visual Note Taking combines our ability to process spoken word and visual information. 

Using another channel to capture information to create a visual summary helps those involves stay engaged and present, as well as being able to snap the drawing to share the great experience with others. 

How do I convince the boss...

When Large Live Scribing on boards at events, I effectively start on a clean sheet. But that's not meant to say some of those spaces can be reserved for clients and business who could advertise their services. 

Think about it... the drawing will be highly visible to all attendees, as well as photographed and shared on social media  for many many others to see too!

Sponsorship and logo space will effectively cover my service price.

Providing supplies and materials

I bring everything needed for the event, so you have nothing to worry about. 

Depending on the venue and event space we can easily discuss which service is most applicable, and I am able to adapt to your needs!

Final physical drawing

With Large Live Scribing, the finished drawing is yours to keep and do with as you wish!

At the end of the event I will photograph the piece to send a hi-res version to you, too.

Information in advance

I find it really helpful to have a phone conversation/ visual call before the event to ensure everything is organised before the event- and no stress on the day!

From this I can get background information for your event, otherwise I am more than happy to begin capturing as soon as I am listening.


How much does it cost to have you at our event?

There is no flat rate to my services as each one is completely tailored to you. 

I often have to consider length of event and location, travel expense will not be covered in my fee.  As I am based in the Midlands it makes for great access around the country!

I am more than happy to discuss with you and send a detailed estimate based on your needs.

What does your rate include?

The amount of hours content agreed within contract


Original Drawings (Large Live Scribing)

Do you travel?

Based in the Midlands UK means I'm very flexible with travelling to events around the country, as well as internationally.  

Get Started!

So, sounds great? 

How do I book you for my event?