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The annual Acteon: Speak to the Human event!

I love this event every year. And the special sauce is the people.

The organisers, the speakers, the team involved. Acteon is special because of the people it attracts, and in doing so, the community it builds!

Thank you SO much! You were absolutely brilliant – again! It’s magic seeing the illustration created as we go through the day, and I love the different way of bringing the content to life. I thought your input to the room was great – really nice to be able to come over to you for thoughts at different points during the day. You’re a complete joy to work with!

‘Speak to the Human’ explores big questions that sit at the heart of thriving Organisations.

Throughout the day thought-provoking content is shared to inspire leaders who engage employees, communicate with internal audiences, and manage change.

I resonate so deeply with the experience of this event, because at the core, it’s about HOW we tap into essential human traits like empathy, curiosity, and humour to make communication more effective, and learning experiences more impactful.