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Case study:

Three day digital conference streamed worldwide!

Incredible talks with live shared drawings!

I was based remotely, Microsoft Surface Studio pen in hand, listening into the incredible talks, and drawing with shared screen mode ON to blast visual goodness out live.

Organised by the inspiring Trauma Resilience team in West Yorkshire, this was knowledge sharing on a new level.

Fabulous, thank you are always an absolute delight to work with and produce amazing products for us!


Worked with the team for 3 years!

It is such a privilege to say I’ve worked with the team for three years now, each year going bigger and better with the visual outputs.

The visuals are shared throughout the days as exciting content, but more importantly shared post-event for teams to take back to their NHS unit.

All visuals on one page!

This continually shares the knowledge from the event with wider teams.

Whether it’s copied into an email, printed and attached to a wall, or used in a publication.

Using a visual one pager to capture attention and engage more viewers will help share the amazing work of the Trauma team!

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