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Live Scribing and Event Illustration… insider knowledge!

18 March 2021

You want to know how to bring an engaging, exciting, and niche aspect to your event or meeting without all the hassle and time needed to plan it?

 Well you’re in the right place!

If you want to learn about Live Scribing and how it will level up your next event – read on!

Live Scribing is the real time drawing of information and discussions at both digital and in person events.

And when I tell you not only is this exciting and different for any event, it adds value in a multitude of ways. From attendee engagement to learning styles, time saving to sparks of creativity after the event ✏

And just let the science speak for itself…

We understand information 60,000 times faster as a visual.

When communicating ideas, data, information, processes, plans, projects and more,  visuals are scientifically proven to be up to six times more effective than words alone! 

(Love to see the intersection of art and science!)

The importance of effective storytelling 

often comes down to the art of how we share information, the ability to tell a story concisely yet effectively.

Especially when information is complex and technical, it can be really difficult to truly engage every member of your team, or your customer. And if they’re not on the same page (pun intended) you have the scary potential of demotivated teams and missing out on contracts..

Online meetings should be energetic, agile, interesting and simple.

NOT slide after slide of text filled jargon! 

death by PowerPoint no more… please!!

Online event pitfalls you can immediately swerve with Live Scribing

  • zoom fatigue
  • disengaged attendees
  • monotonous styles of working 
  • lack of action and enthusiasm post event

 “Capturing  information visually and at the speed of thought translates into immediate team action and increased productivity.”

So let’s discuss HOW Live Scribing works and can help you! 

  • join your online event, whether that’s using Teams, Zoom, WebEx, Google Hangout (you say and I’ll be there!)
  • draw directly onto my Microsoft Surface Studio – a state of the art desktop with a beautiful drawing stylus that creates authentic hand drawn textures. Using some fancy yet simple technology, I can share my drawing screen in the thumbnail where my face would usually be!

Another option…

If you have a specific layout of presenters for your event and would rather save the illustration for the end, this is also absolutely possible. In this scenario customers have asked me to illustrate off screen, primed and ready for a final grand reveal!

  • Whilst you shine bright and your event dazzles attendees, I’m listening incredibly carefully to the key points of information and discussions, synthesising it, illustrating in real-time, and doing this continually and consistently throughout. (this is as intense as it sounds but I can confirm causes me no harm, in fact I absolutely love it! And watching it happen seems like pure magic in the moment)
  • As the event draws to a close, the bespoke illustration is immediately ready for you to receive and share. No more pages and pages of notes, use the beautiful infographic to prove just how valuable the event was! With this service the license to use the illustration as printed and digital (web) material is also included, so you have full power to show off.

Prior to the event it’s always great to have a look over your agenda or information to understand the format and purpose of the event… but no need to sweat if you don’t have prepared documents! It’s part and parcel of the job to turn up and happily scribe. (Remember this is my passion and skillset combined into a neat and valuable service!)

You’d be in great company as customers including NHS, AWS, Microsoft have all benefitted from a Scribble Inc live scribe!

10 long-tail benefits and ways you can actionably use your illustration post-event

Now wait around a second, whilst it is incredibly exciting and engaging to watch the illustration come to life in the moment, you have a bespoke illustration now in your hands, full of unbridled potential!

How can you really use this investment to its full extent?

  1. If it’s a customer event remind them how you add value and truly listen to their needs not only in person, but afterwards too 
  2. For team events show them just how important they are in the overall vision and mission of the organisation
  3. Share the visual in an email thanking attendees for contributing to the event
  4. Circulate the main takeaways and encourage people to revisit the information to help spark new ideas!
  5. Send printed and framed copies as a very special gift to a very special person or team
  6. Upload to social media to shout about HOW FANTASTIC your event was, involve more people who couldn’t make it as they can learn from the illustration! Allow it to go *viral* and welcome new eyes to your content
  7. Include it in your strategy document, perhaps as the front page so it’s easy to undertsand the overall content from a quick glance
  8. Use on your website or intranet to communicate key points from specific meetings
  9. Make it your tangible call to action. How many times do you finish a meeting and feel full of energy but clueless to next steps? Take a look at your Live Scribed visual!
  10. Screensavers! Unite your team with new sparkly bespoke illustrated backgrounds.

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