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Case study:

Delivering visual strategy for DPD

Scribble Inc meets DPD

It is a privilege each year to be invited to live scribe the annual dpd CEO Review.

A day of emotions, celebration, and action planning creates a wealth of information to capture.

I love applying my creativity to translate spoken presentations into tangible artwork.

Hannah is fantastic! Aside from the fantastic artwork you create on the day, the attendees appreciated how you lease with team, both at regional level as well as board level. Credit to you and your skill, you really help make the day amazing!

– Partner at DPD

Capturing & visualising information in real time

Often 7+ speakers on one day will present for 30 minutes each, and by the end of the day the entire region has a one page visual to proudly display.

The original piece is displayed in HQ, and digital versions are shared as screen savers, email signatures, and presentation icons.

minutes each
Amazing visual

An award winning illustration to share

With the flexibility to draw during virtual events, on paper at in-person meetings, digitally at conferences – the right option is deliverable for you!

Investing in a Live Scribe is a brilliant start to engage attendees and/or employees, and there are ways to increase the return on investment, especially now events are digital and remote.

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